Replica Balenciaga Hourglass Top Handle Bag Lychee pattern black


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Balenciaga, this season’s heavy [Litchi pattern black] hourglass bag, the unique iconic curved shape is very recognizable, it makes the eyes bright at a glance, it is super cool, and the appearance presents a round and half moon shape. Metal B-shaped pull ring
The texture of the cowhide is also very touching and very accent. The daily necessities are still carefully selected and versatile and trendy. This year, this Balenciaga hourglass bag will be a mess, elegant, delicate and individual. Bright, I don’t want to be noticed too difficult
, it’s easy to see the explosion when I carry it by hand.
It is definitely the favorite of goddesses, of course I love Shi too! But salt can be sweet for this effect. Capacity test: mobile phone, coin purse, pressed powder, lipstick, power bank, key, small packet of tissues, all can be easily loaded



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